Wahoo Docks Aluminum Boat Docks

Wahoo Boat Docks offers a low maintenance, heavy framed aluminum boat dock, and gangway. Creating a boat dock that will not only hold up to the roughest of conditions, but will also enhance the appearance of your waterfront property. Wahoo's team of engineers take every painstaking step to deliver the highest quality, highest value boat docks available while also personally tailoring your dock to encompass all of your needs. Being able to work with Wahoo Docks, the premier nationwide dock builder, Lakeside Innovations can offer you what has been called the elite docking system for the past 20 years, "Wahoo Boat Docks".

Wahoo Docks tailors each of our docks to the customer's location, intended uses, and budget. With a variety of roofing options and dock layouts we will surely be able to create the perfect dock for you.

Roof Styles

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Why Choose Wahoo Docks?

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  1. Better Materials

    We use 6061-T6 grade aluminum for our structural members which is more and welds significantly stronger than all other 6000 series aluminum.

    Competitors typically use less expensive grades of aluminum including 6005-T5 or 6063-T6.
  2. Gussetting

    We incorporate unparalleled gussetting throughout out docks at all locations where welded connections are stressed or the mainframe can be strained

    Because the "as welded" strength of aluminum is less than its unwelded strength, gernerous use of gussetting is critical to an aluminum dock.
  3. Through-Welded Roof Panels

    Roof post stubs are cut into and welded through the 8" c-channel mainframe in high stress areas to incorporate the strength of the mainframe into the roof supports.

    Competitors typically "butt-weld" stubs to the top of the mainframe which is a faster manufacturing process, but creates a fragile joint and a much less solid structure.
  4. Heavy Duty Roof Structure

    We use the same 8" x 3/16" thick c-channel throughout the roof structure that we use in the lower structure and band the roof in this material to create a rigid 'box' framework.

    Competitors typically use a thinner c-channel or lighter weight shapes in their roof which may look similar and are significantly less expensive, but lack stiffness and strength.
  5. Custom Materials

    We have invested heavily in custom components such as aluminum extrusions, bumpers, castings, fasteners, decking, trim, etc. This investment allows us to create a dock that is uniquely durable and has a finished appearance like no other.

  6. Diagonal Bracing

    We use 3" x 3" bracing with engineered connections to create a uniquely rigid dock while making the usable space on the dock as functional as possible.

    Competitors typically use lighter bracing material, if any at all, and placement is not functional.
  7. Top Quality Engineering

    Wahoo is owned by engineers who place great value on the physical, chemical and environmental factors that affect our docks. Each and every dock is individually designed by an engineerusing computer-aided design software and a wealth of experience.

    Our docks are not reverse engineered copies of a Wahoo Dock - they are Wahoo Docks!
  8. Rot and Rust-proof Materials

    From our fasteners and decking to our roof beams and main frame, our materials have been individually selected to last many years without rusting, rotting or wearing in general.

  9. Through-Bolted Roof Supports

    Each roof pole is secured to the framework using 3/8" stainless steel bolts with nylon lock nuts to provide a durable, always-tight connection.

    Competitors typically use lightweight tech screws to secure roof poles which often work themselves loose over time.
  10. AridDek Aluminum Decking

    Our decking is a long-lasting, proven material that offers unsurpassed longevity, is easy to keep clean and is cool to the touch.

  11. Leak-Proof Upper Decks

    The combination of AridDek, our in-house assembled rail system, and our cutom cast rail components produce a truly attractive, seamless, waterproof upper deck.

    Competitive upper deck designs abound, ranging from the use of galvanized roof plans, unpainted rail components and rail posts that attach to stubs that go through the decking and must be caulked (it is impossible to get a truly leak-proof upper deck this way)
  12. Superior Gangways

    Our gangway design utilizes a truss for a high strength/material ratio and our unparalleled reinforcements, full piano hinge and structurally sound weld locations creates a very strong, economical span.

    Our gangways are reinforced at all potential failure locations, and our hinge design has no equal!